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Fool'It - Gustav and Nik

Find more about this group also known as "Basseltan".

Or have a look to Nik's solo website with much more performances and shows.

Gustav and Nik are actors, jugglers and musicians performing different historical and non-historical shows.

They both studied culture sciences and visited theatre and circus schools.

Since 1993 the two of them are playing street performances and working in different theatre and juggling groups.

Babel Climb - The Show


We like to perform in a historical style, playing an old fanfare to get the attention of the audience. It's part of the show to proclaim the extraordinary smartness of the presentation.


A tower is built up with the help of some volunteers holded by ropes. One of us climbs to the top of the tower to start juggling there. Soon we both juggle 7 clubs togehter in a height of 3 meters.


It's absolutly safe for the performers, the audience and the volunteers. Instead of a wooden balustrade we also perform at ground level or we take a ladder or whatever we find.


Babel Climb is a mobile performance and can be played almost everywhere. We just need space approx. 10 to 10 meters. We prefere to stand both in a height of 3 meters, but at ground level it's working too.