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We are such stuff as dreams are made on, and our little life is rounded with a sleep. (Shakespeare, The Tempest, act 4, scene 1, Prospero)

Fool'it is the consequent advancement of Basseltan, our historical theatre and juggling company, but it's not limeted to historical shows - though we like to perform through the centuries! Therefore we play the Babel Climb in different centuries and different costumes and also on festivals and company galas. We are a juggling company since more than 20 years and we have wide practical experience in doing "fool things".

Babel Climb

Though this be madness, yet there's method in it. (Shakespeare, Hamlet, act 2, scene 2)

In the beginning was simply the mood to do something extraordinary and to get in touch with the audience. Now then we decided to make a juggling performance on a higher level, in a literally sense - the idea of the tower was born.

After a few experimental rehearsals the show was fixed. Though every performance is different because of the locations and variable props (for example: we often take a long ladder or a container or a public phone box to create a leveled high number juggling).