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Two actors and a whole world of chances. They have their own script and their own way to interpret it.

The huge world-theatre, Cyrano de Bergerac, Brother Grimms Fairy Tales and much more.


It's often hard to say what a good party needs - we are well-prepared at all events.

Improvisation means roles, costumes and speach adapted to alternating situations - amusement guaranteed!

Gala Dinner

Ready for company events or private celebrations - no more boring evenings for the people around us.

Whether Gentleman Jonglage or High Class entertainment - we operate adequate to the occasion.

Street Act

The whole world is a stage and it all started on the street.

Street acts are always a mixture between to be celebrated on stage and be hounded on street. You can try nearly everything, but it needs the particular fascination of high-grade.


Every business needs its appropriate tool and entertainment needs the right responsibility.

Juggling is our favorite way to charm the audience - we don't only juggle things, we juggle with stories and tales.